Vanilla pests and disease seen in Igali

On the 1/4/2023 during monitoring one of the garden of vanilla in Butunduzi TC I gali zone at Mr. Bukenya’s farm, it was discovered that some vanilla flower parts are rotting yet the vanilla plant has no pest and diseases attack  farmers are wondering what could be the cause? Study the photo carefully and advise.

Resistant Pests seen in Igaali

On 01,March,2023, during a monitoring conducted at one of the farmers garden In Igaali zone Butunduzi T/C, increase in spreading of pests that cause diseases was observed mostly in coffee and according to farmer’s attempt to control the pests,  they said that pesticides that they are using are no longer effective to kill the pests […]

Coffee gardens threatened by sunshine in Itwara

On 02/02/2023 during a monitoring conducted at Ms. Tumuhimbise Poronia’s coffee farm located in itwara village, kigoyera sub county, kyenjojo district. Some premature coffee plants in her garden were drying up due to heavy sunshine, this has demoralised efforts of the farmer to plant more seedling to expand her farm.

State of Fish ponds in Bweremi

In a monitoring conducted On 29/08/2022, at Mr.Rwakibale Ben’s Fish ponds in Bweremi village,Nyaburara parish, Kyembogo sub county where Fish ponds were  seen a sorry state and poorly looked after which has lowered his household income. There’s need to properly educate the farmer on the procedures and guidelines to improve on management and production practices  […]

Crop destruction by animals

On 13/04/2022 during monitoring I visited one group found in Rusongora village, kawaruju parish, kihuura sub/county, Kyenjojo district. Their garden was destroyed by animal(cows), when I tried to ask the youth c/p Mr Tumuramye William he explained that they also found their maize garden destroyed on 11/04 2022 at night. Such farming tendencies by  pastoralists […]

Alleged encroachment on Kyerenga wetland

On 4/3/2022 during monitoring in Kyerenga wetland and it was found out that people around the wetland have dug  fish ponds in the swampy area now, its not clear of such activities were okayed by government otherwise it might require government/JESE’s intervention

Passion fruit growing

On 01/03/2022,I visited mr Mugisha Aggry who is a passion fruit grower .He is a resident of Mahasa village, Kawaruju parish, Kihura Sub/county, Kyenjojo District.I observed some passion fruit shoot system stunted and other leaves becoming yellow. When I tried to ask him, he explained that, he lacks fertilizers to improve the guality of his […]


I was posted here in February 2013; I have spent 1.5years in Kyarusozi. Throughout this time, most of the cases reported here have been associated directly or indirectly to illegal activities in the forest. The common cases used to be gender based violence in homes and fighting. Investigations have shown that the violence in homes […]