According to the monitoring I made yesterday 26/7/2022 from Mr Tumuheirwe Francis of kigoyera sub county,I found out that too much drought has affected his coffee leaving the green leaves turning into yellowish and later fall off.This will result into less yeilds of crops.thanks for trusting and working with me.

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  1. Thanks to monitoring team for this report
    I will focus my point on the site of Francis. As for my field the local weather of Kigoyera may not necessarily affect the coffee to this far looking at when the rains start.
    The photo is of plant stand and does not help, it better to capture a port of the entire coffee field. I can see green grass so the particular plant taken could be affected by some disease or worms.
    And I would like to know from your records about the weather of Kigoyera and particularly rainfall pattern from early August whether it has not been receiving any because by now expected the plant to have developed fresh green leaves
    Thank you

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