Coffee gardens threatened by sunshine in Itwara

On 02/02/2023 during a monitoring conducted at Ms. Tumuhimbise Poronia’s coffee farm located in itwara village, kigoyera sub county, kyenjojo district. Some premature coffee plants in her garden were drying up due to heavy sunshine, this has demoralised efforts of the farmer to plant more seedling to expand her farm.

Drying Coffee

During a monitoring conducted on 31/1/2023 at Mr. Lawrence’s Coffee Farm in Itwara village kigoyera sun-county katambale parish kyenjojo district. We observed a large number of coffee plant appearing to be dry due to heavy sunshine, hence seeking advice from JESE.

Severe drought causes lack of pasture

In a monitoring conducted on 28th/02/2023, at a cattle farm of Mr.monday Deo a resident of kirinda village mirambi parish kyembogo sub-county and I found out that he is facing the problem of drought which has made cows luck grass for feeding thus leading to low milk production.

Post harvest handling challenges

On 28th October 2022, during a visit to Mr Alituha Omuhereza a businessman based in Kigoyera trading center Kyenjojo district,  dealing in buying and selling of dried and undried cash crops such as coffee. In an interview with him he said he is challenged a challenge of heavy rains that limit from drying his coffee […]

Pests and diseases

In a monitoring conducted on 22/10/2022, in Bibuye village, kawaruju parish, kihuura subcounty, kyenjojo district in western Uganda, at Mr Mubangizi Denis’s maize and beans plantation farm, and the findings of the field were as follows; Through observation, it’s discovered that there’s maize and beans disease affecting his garden. Through talks with him, he said […]

Disease outbreak in a passion fruit farm

On 2nd October 2022, during a monitoring, at mr mugisha Aggrey’s  passion fruit farm located in mahasa village, Kawaruju parish, Kihura s/c, kyenjojo. His garden is infested with unknown disease characterized by leaf folds and some leaves becoming yellow and all this has affected the passion fruit from not bearing fruits. He calls for assistance […]

Muhangi forest Encroachment

During  a monitoring carried out on 29/08/2022 at Kagorra neighboring muhangi and found out that the natives have encroached the forest and cut down trees to get land for growing crops like maize and beans. we call upon the concerned stakeholders to take the possible measures to overcome this as it may result into drought […]


During a  monitoring conducted On 28th Sept. 2022,  around Kyanika village, Kyamigenyi parish, Kyembogo sub county it was found out that people have cut down trees for charcoal in the forest next to Kyanika. There is need for relevant authorities to take action as this will result into climate change and it’s related effects.

Fish decry pest & diseases

Several reports received on 30/08/2022, from fish farmers decrying wild animals so called “engongi” attacking  fish in several ponds and feeding on them, areas like Muhangi Bwereme LC1, Nyaburara parish, kyembogo-Kyenjojo district were affected . Mr. Tubimukwase Sarapio one of the fish farmers is among the affected persons. Therefore they are requesting for technical support  […]

State of Fish ponds in Bweremi

In a monitoring conducted On 29/08/2022, at Mr.Rwakibale Ben’s Fish ponds in Bweremi village,Nyaburara parish, Kyembogo sub county where Fish ponds were  seen a sorry state and poorly looked after which has lowered his household income. There’s need to properly educate the farmer on the procedures and guidelines to improve on management and production practices  […]