In a monitoring conducted on 22/10/2022, in Bibuye village, kawaruju parish, kihuura subcounty, kyenjojo district in western Uganda, at Mr Mubangizi Denis’s maize and beans plantation farm, and the findings of the field were as follows; Through observation, it’s discovered that there’s maize and beans disease affecting his garden. Through talks with him, he said that leaves of plants becomes yellow in colour with many small holes on leaves and then the whole plant gets affected hence suggested that it could be bacteria or pests destroying his garden. Challenges encountered by him; (1) When such pests and diseases are discovered, no knowledge to pesticides to spray his garden to get rid of pests which causes the diseases hence leading to poor yields. (2) Lack of agricultural trainers and facilitators to train farmers about more efficient methodologies of planting maize and beans leading to poor quality of production. (3) Lack of enough marketplaces associated with low prices caused by poor roads and yet Bibuye is a hard to reach area (located in rural area) which leads to poor standards of living of farmers. Recommendations; (1) Farmers should be encouraged on how, when and where to plant their crops and this should be through community sensitisation. (2) Government should improve on prices of crops by establishing more marketplaces, constructing roads to carry crop products to markets lather than letting farmers in a miserable manner there by to improve farmer’s better standards of life. (3) Government should emphasize farmers about modern pesticides to use in farming because most farmers are inexperienced in using these pesticides there to enable quality production of crops. In conclusion therefore, government in conjunction with the agricultural facilitators, should prepare mass seminars and sensitize communities on better methods of farming. Here below are the photos to evidence the affected plants;

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