In a monitoring conducted On 2nd December 2021 at 1300pm by JESE Community Information Agents,  in the Matiiri forest reserve near Misenyi village opposite Rusongora village , the following observations were observed 

Attempted illegal charcoal burning.

 Scene of charcoal burning  had no individuals at time of monitoring, but it’s alleged that, the smugglers who are involved in this exercise are reportedly doing this during early morning and late evening hours.

 Many trees were found cut down, others chopped into small pieces to be slowed on the charcoal kilns and other big logs have been placed on the wood racks, indicating that, even there has been timber smuggling in the area. Some tools like hoes which these suspects have been using, have also been found.

The suspects have been in the forest but when neighboring citizens noticed that, the monitoring is on going, they called them through phones and these suspects escaped to the other ends/hide themselves

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